Who is more superior to me and why?
I can not accept it's because one is stronger, richer, or more dominant than I.
If I was to proclaim that someone was superior what is that intended to mean?
Is my Superior someone I wish to emulate, who challenges and lives unpretentiously?

If that is so, what such attributes does she exemplify?
For these attributes I wish to possess and willingly apply.
My Guru -Superior- the one I revere
possesses compassion, generosity like heroes of yesteryear.

Thus to say superiority is humility uncompromised,
like Christians have seen in Jesus once upon a time.
It's God incarnated as man- the most superior of them all.
Yet with his power he chose modesty instead of arrogance or control.

He envisioned a world of harmony and not of domination.
As the lower are not inferior and deserving of liberation.
Most will agree altruism is a superior quality to have.
Non-humans have proven time again that they share this quality with man.

From the Dolphins circling around a would be drowning child, his
body lifted to see the light.
Or the two Elk who sandwiched a shivering boy and all slept in the maze of mountains overnight.
Such merciful animal stories are forgotten or rarely heard.
The survivors were left unscathed and joyfully rebirthed.

If the human claims to be -like God- the most superior of them all,
mustn't it be altruism and not self service that the world befall?

Copyright ? 2003 by Carrie Plummer. All Rights Reserved
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