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"My furs are not in storage, nor lying on the bed,
they're dancing 'round my feet, waiting to be fed." (Warrior Poets) - nice collection, mostly environmental, some regarding animals

Most of these poems (and stories) are available in one document here

Title Author topic or first line
14 Weeks  Domenic, John They speak of an earth and a sun so bright Three months and a half have all come and passed
A Bleak Winter's Night Trudie & Paul of Doris Banham Dog Rescue Imagine a kennel on a bleak winter's night Invaded by winds that ravage and bite
A Considerable Speck (Microscopic) Frost, Robert A speck that would have been beneath my sight On any but a paper sheet so white
Activism in Motion Dvorak, David Taking the fight to a whole new level Realizing far more needs to be done
Activist's Pledge Riddle, Janet Until the last flesh is consumed
Actuality Coon, Heidy Imagine that this is Oz. You are standing, diminutively, In front of the great & powerful Oz.
A Dog's Prayer Harris, Beth Norman Treat me kindly my beloved master,
A Dog Sits Waiting Unknown A forgotten companion
A Dog's Soul Unknown Advising all dogs
A Hell Secured Dvorak, David Reality worse than ever before Masking murder & corruption
All Beings Matter Renata-Laura Vegalante Some passions or compassion cease to exist without me
All Life is Sacred Pell, Andrew Hunting is not a recreational sport. It is the murder of innocent lives that should be taught.
All Up In Arms Dvorak, David Angered by the insensitive callousness of the world Looking down on the voiceless only to feel superior
A Message for Models/ Fur belongs to animals Jelena Z. Fur belongs to animals. Animals apparently need it- they own it.
A Model? Jelena Z. You lifelessly do another casual stroll on catwalk, looking so calmly in presenting "final product" of ruthless,
A Mouse's Plea Barbauld, Anna Early Animal Rights Poem Discovered
A Prayer from a Stray unknown Dear God PLEASE send me somebody who'll care!
Animalennium Maraya Happy New Year to the animals
Animal Liberation Dvorak, David Accustomed no more to the abuse Now shed a tear seeing the reality
Animals in 2050 Malini, Patel As we evolve, so hopefully does our compassion
Animal Slaughter Moore, C.K. Hope of Escape
Anti-Fur Poem Breslauer, Jillouise Truth about fur
Anti-Speciesism Toplak, Cirila I have a lover, she is a beauty She's smart and fierce and dignified
A Letter From Your Pet In Heaven unknown To my dearest family, some things I'd like to say.
A Prayer for Little Paws unknown Written for strays in Greece
A Prayer To Go To Paradise With The Donkeys Jammes, Francis Animals in the afterlife
A Promise Kept Greear, Cheryl I stood behind a tree in a forest at dusk watching what was no less than amazing.
A Puppy For Christmas Willis, Jim A puppy is for life - (Seasonal)
AR Poems various  
A Shelter Dog's Poem unknown Once upon a time, you see, There was this little pup For reasons unbeknownst to me,
A Sioux Prayer unknown Oh, Great Spirit, whose voice I hear in the winds
A Time For Love Moxham, Jenny If Christmas is a time for love Can someone please explain,
Atoning for Wrongs Afflicted Dvorak, David Setting that of what's wrong  To that of what's right
Auguries of Innocence Blake, Wiliam To see a world in a grain of sand,
A Wall of Sadness Zaric, Jelena About the Belgrade Zoo
A Wolf's Plea Des (Lone Wolf) Wolves in Alaska
Bassatin Slaughtermen Moxham, Jenny Ritual Slaughter
Batall�n a Tordesillas Padilla, �ngel Ven. Acomp��anos. Jam�s habr�s hecho algo tan bonito.
Bear Bile Owens, Amy-Le I have spent my life in this cage, incarceration is all I know. The bars clenched tight to my body, they are my tomb and my home.
Beauty in the eyes of the beholder Dvorak, David Benefiting humanity Even when only seen by a few
Before I Die Willis, Jim Breeding mills
Believe Me You Dvorak, David Basic instincts set in Enriching the minds of any ignorant to the truth
Bells of Heaven Hodgson, Ralph Plea
Beneath Hemlock Strecker, James Beside the Hemlock Garden: On lives and Rights (book)
Billy Sharer, Kristen Animal abuse. When Billy was 6
BSL Must End Daines, Maria I'm reading about Bruce the pit bull mix. Banned from his family because of what he is.
Buddhist Poetry various Anthology
Bunny Rabbits 'Don't Cry' unknown Blood soaked white fur,
Bye Baby Animal Shelter Volunteer in Massena, New York video adaptation
By Life We Abide Carter, Evette We are beautiful When we know the real depth of beauty. We are rich  When we want what we have and not much else.
Called Him Rags Cooke, Edmund Vance They called him Rags, he was just a cur
Caring only they remain free and safe Dvorak, David Chasing cruelties from around the world Ambient in our stance against this hell
Cat Haikus various Various haikus about cats
Catch the Wind for Battlefield Zaric, Jelena When the sea becomes so red ' It means that all baby seals are dead.
Canada's Ice Flows Minde, Cynthia Your waters are getting warmer and your Ice is melting
Chinchilla Poem Robicheau, Paul & MacEachern, Sandra Tiny paws reach for me in my dreams
Chinese Pork Company Schorin, Mel World's largest pork producer for seven billion dollars, approved
Choose Staff Animals are not ours to use
Choosing life of hell over life of peace Dvorak, David Claiming actions were performed by radicals Having police and security on their side
Circus unknown Animals in the circus
Commodity Anonymous J Her eyes burned Like black coals aflame Freezing my heart When they scalded my brain
Cow Milk - Moral or Sin? Sonee, Naresh If cow was my mom, I sort of idiot, Why I forced my father to pull my cart ?
Cows Give Us Milk Moxham, Jenny Is milk "natural"?
Cries of the A.L.F. Dvorak, David You will never silence us Just like the cry of the banshee
Cries of the Voiceless Dvorak, David Look in to their eyes
Crying out for mercy
Crying With the Elephants Dallas Rising Animals in the circus
Cry of the Innocent Etwaroo, Shenita On blankets of snow Carcasses of my siblings lay. I watch you now Walk away.
Death Ship Moxham, Jenny 50,000 sheep left Devonport bound for Kuwait...
Dear Child unknown off topic. "What life is like"
Decimation of Arrogance Dvorak, David Seeking out all taking part in animal massacre
Dedicated to A.L.F. unknown They are wearing black, I can hear them coming.
Desperate Correction Needed Dvorak, David Correcting the state of reality for many Directing this correction for both victim & foe
Diabolical Referendum Dvorak, David Deciding the fate of many even before birth
Dialogue from God to Man on Animal Slaughter Pell, Andrew I cry when I look down and see the sheep you kill. Only for your stomach to fill,
Dire Selection Dvorak, David Shadows & darkness covering most, if not all, moves we make
Dismantling Of Evil Dvorak, David Dismantling the bloody operations with their sickening taste
A Dog's Last Will Laska When human beings die they write their testament
Do I Go Home Today? Thompson, Sandi My family brought me home cradled in their arms.
Do You Remember Me? Tiger A forgotten companion
Do Something Lewis, John R. Request
Donde Voy Chyi Yu in memory of the dogs slaughtered in Chinese cull
DragonFly SeaWolf Were it so as legends tell Dragon on my bow may be
Elephant Coon, Heidy Possessed of grace You delight & enchant Awe-inspiring Elephant
Embracing Freedom Through Eradication Dvorak, David    Macabre actions soon to be set in motion Dejected daily at the loss of billions sentient
Engaging No Matter the Cost Dvorak, David Accused of terroristic actions & threats Restoring peace to all innocents our main cause
Farewell (to hunting) MacMillian, Ian BBC 4 broadcast in celebration of the ban on Fox Hunting
Fear Now Residing Within the Heartless Dvorak, David   Wills cold & hard as steel Hallowed souls of the voiceless
Fight Against Viv Breaux, Crystal He's just a sweet little monkey,
Fight Back and Resist Dvorak, David Ascending to their own higher level of hell
Fighting the industries' illogic Dvorak, David
End justifying the means sometimes our only choice
Never relenting at being more than just their voice
The Final Journey and Beyond Toplak, Cirila Open my eyes. Get up. Hungry. Drink milk. Mama smells love
Firefly Sky SeaWolf Just one firefly's endless sky, Ever all I cared to see.
For ALFY Daines, Maria A little friend on tiny feet
One that I was glad to meet
FOR THE ANIMALS OF CHINA Beth Animal Exportation
For Their Rights Katz, Butterflies Upon seeing them, a smile lights up my face.
For the Love of Justice and Truth Dvorak, David Following a different ethic code, Living to set free all the voiceless
For Those Without a Voice Dvorak, David Taking on a much needed job  Obtaining freedom for countless voiceless
Forget Me Not Souza, Kathyrn Shelter animals that do not get adopted
Fork in the Road Dvorak, David All for the sake of neanderthalic greed, Where countless sentient lives Are needlessly taken
Freedom For Birds unknown A tall forest tree is a cockatoo's home So why must I stay in this cage all alone?
From an Innocent Young Farm Animal unknown From an Innocent Young Farm Animal To the Children of the World
Full Sentient Liberation is the Only Cause Dvorak, David Even if only to give slight reprieve  Incendiaries must be well placed
Fur: Russian Sable Templeton, Laura It's not a fashion
It's not a trend
God Names Dog Taal, Linda The story of how dog got its name
God's Gift Belanger, Marie A forgotten companion
Good Night Precious Willis, Jim Shelter animals that do not get adopted
Gotta Be Somebody Nickleback This time I wonder what it feels like To find the one in this life
Grow Old With Dogs unknown  
Guillotine Needed Dvorak, David Guarding against more occurrence of their demise
Happily Blind Riddle, Janet Deception lies inside the walls A veil that covers cage and stalls
Have a Heart Not Hearse Beane, Linda Truth about meat
Hear Our Voice Ewert, Lisa Jo Plea
Helpless Censtcuriaus, Sebastciaun T. Helpless, to feel helpless as I look over that endless cliff!
Here In This House... unknown Here in this house... I will never know the loneliness I hear in the barks of the other dogs 'out there'.
Hi Willie Fong, Mira About a stray cat briefly adopted before he disappeared
Hog Treasures Life   For a hog treasures life just as much as a dog
Hope For a Second Chance Melanie Shelter animals
Horton's Poetry Horton I woke up one day. The Truth. Words of Atonement.
Hot Death Coon, Heidy Pigs After an unlife Their failing health Condemned in filth Belly-high shit depth What’s left?
How Could You? Willis, Jim essay
How the Grinch Stole Hunting Season Robertson, Jim Every hunter Down in Hunt-ville Liked hunting season a lot--
How Would You Like It? Moxham, Jenny Each year billions of factory farmed animals are forced to spend their entire lives in small cages...
Humane Killing Renata-Laura Vegalante What part of humane does 'humane killing' mean?
Humans Harvey, Dominique  
Hunter's Weiner Bawl Beane, Linda  
I Adopted Your Cat Today Shel Shelter animals
I am an Animal Rescuer King-Tucker, Annette Hope
I am More. Etwaroo, Shenita I am more than a genetically modified organism
If Cows Could Speak Kirschner, Andrew I am cow. I like to feel the sun on my back graze in an open field roam freely and nurse my young.
If Only I Could Speak Owens, Amy-Le I have spent my life in this cage, incarceration is all I know.
I Have a Dream Toplak, Cirila I have a dream I dream of a world Where all living beings are free
I Have Learned Willis, Jim essay

I Hear Their Voices Crying

Burton, Craig I see Thy face
Indy Kerry About a dog who got lost and died.
In Joy and Sorrow HIM Oh girl we are the same
In Lampers Beam Hewitt, Judi Hunting
Insects Are Bug People Jaymes, Patty Insects are bug people Who can't help being small, That's something hardly anyone Understands at all!
In the Name of Food Riddle, Janet Our habit requires that blood be shed So to slaughter the cattle head
I Rescued a Human Today Allen, Janine Her eyes met mine as she walked down the corridor peering
Is it me, is that why you're going Owens, Amy-Le "Is it me, is that why you're going, did I do something wrong?
I Saw-- Etwaroo, Shenita I saw a dog one day, as I walked down the block, taking my exercise for the day.
I Saw a Lobster Genevieve I looked into his eyes as they wept
I Saw A Possum Die Beane, Linda Traffic
It's All the Same Rose, Simara Delilah if you're against this thing  you should be against that
It's What's For Dinner Krapf, Michelle Truth about meat
Just One Voice Ward, C. Each day I learn, research and read. About all the animals who are in need.
Just Wondering Lynn, Terry Do you know who is affected when you abandon an animal?
Jim Willis Interview Litke, Hedy Dec 2002
"Just a Chicken" Hillman, Whitney You think I have no purpose, I'm just food for your plate.
Karma Burke, Rebecca If fox hunting is a sport pardon me for being rude How the hell can I compete if I'm running away from you?
KFC Poem tofuandpotoatoes 2007
Korean Leader Beane, Linda Animal abuse
Last Look Bush, Jean Starving little beggar cat, So thin and full of woe,
Last Year's Christmas Present unknown T'was the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Lend Me a Bird unknown  
Letter to Ciera Leughmyer, Heather Vegan mother to her child
Life through a Pit Bull's Eyes unknown You breed me to be strong, Now you think you were wrong.
Lifelessly Still Dvorak, David Crudely ruined & sadly behaving without a soul Thinking the same as most giving up control
'Lil Bear Cub Peters, Bruce Andrew Bear hunting
Listening to Their Cries
Dvorak, David
The call has gone out This time a call to arms
LITTLE LAMB Durlabh Singh Truth about meat
Living Carousel Coon, Heidy Torrid sun Beating down On little, broken ponies Hobbled Nose to tail
Lonely Loner Blaine, C. One person can make a difference
Loving Arms Jessie after watching "Earthlings"

Mad Human Disease

Natasha Canali Wood "I will lend to you for a while, a bird", God said. 
Mali Rajapakse, Shirani Sad eyes stare at the world outside, iron bars lock you in.
Man's Best Friend Overton, Kelly Dog on a chain Spring Summer Fall Winter

May I Go Now

Susan A. Jackson May I Go? May I go now?
McDoomed  Domenic, John Let's take a ride to the drive-thru Eat some tasty burgers and fries
Meat Is Me Moxham, Jenny So you've nothing against eating meat? (Truth about meat)

Me Means Alone

Beane, Linda Me means alone.
Modern China Sarah Neon flashing lights, Brighten the bustling streets, Advanced technology so cheap
Mo Embar - index Mo Embar Poems, stories, and songs

Monkey See & Food Forethought

Tolson Can you look deep into my eyes,
Mother Parrot's Advice to her Children Ganda, Africa Never get up till the sun gets up
Mourning Toni Zaric, Jelena 1/25/06, after euthanasia of Toni, the elephant
Mu Johnson, Zane Tortoise shell cracked; What primal turf did you know Before I saw you nestled in pet shop glass, enclosed?

My Bully

Atcheson, Dan My little Bully passed away
My Foster Dog unknown From fostered to forever home
My Freedom Owens, Amy-Le I am trapped, miles from home and though I may have little, And despite the fact that everyday I grow more fragile, more brittle,
My furs poem Palva, Fabio link to a video poem
Needed Evil Returned in Extreme Dvorak, David Blowing nothing of their atrocities out of sheer proportion
Net Dance SeaWolf Inside that net does one tiny fish swim Wonderin' what then may become of him

Night B4 Xmas

unknown AR twist on Christmas song

Night In A Cage

Krapf, Michelle Running free, in the wild
No More Time Dvorak, David Time to negotiate is over Name calling has never worked
No One Ever Said Murphy, Emma Why did no one tell me When I was two, or four or eight,
Not In Vain Dickenson, Emily If I Can Stop One Heart from Breaking
No Need To Hate Amri, Khy'em If those with ears hear, what do those without do?


Guest, Edgar A. Plea

Ode to a Fox

Hewitt, Judi Truth about fur
Of Morbid Adieu Dvorak, David Liberation often the latest form of love Igniting a fire within true AR
Of Ravens One SeaWolf Once a Raven dressed in black came to sit and have a chat.

Old Dog In a Locket

Stamm, Heidi  
One By Name WantNoMeat  
Once I Was a Lonely Dog Pace, Arlene Once I was a lonely dog, Just looking for a home. I had no place to go, No one to call my own.
One by One unknown One by One, they pass by my cage, Too old, too worn, too broken, no way.

One More Voice

Whittaker, Judi  
One's Self Equates Experiencing Me As An Entity Alone Beane, Linda Pause a moment, fully comprehend "Self means alone."

Open Your Eyes

Our Endeavor Jaymes, Patty It's hard to change the world, we know, And yet we have to try, So long as cruel injustice lives And gentle creatures die.
Out of Mind, Out of Sight Templeton, Laura "I'm sorry I can't speak out I'm just not understood
Pain Filled By Association Dvorak, David Now is not a time to start again  Now know you are despised,

Paint Her Divine

Beane, Linda  
Perspective Dvorak, David Making the shots count whenever needed Endeavoring to bring the animal cruelty to an end
The Pincushion Etwaroo, Shenita For decades you've used our bodies as your pincushion
Please Help Save the Moon Bears Foster, Leigh video poem

Plea to Nature

Wegner, Marguerite  

Plight of the Parrot

dOE, Terri L. Animal Exportation
Poem for Winkie Tanzer, Deborah For Winkie the elephant and in tribute to Joanna
Poem for Baby Seals Greene, Lindy Written in 2005 about the annual seal slaughter
Poetic Animal Justice (2 poems from book) Pupak, Barbara All God's creatures large and small beautiful runners to those that crawl
Poetry various 10 poems
Poetry for Animal Lovers Owens, Amy-Le Compilation
Pointless Tests Anonymous Anti-vivisection

Point of View

Silverstein, Shel The other side of dinner

Prayer for Animals

Schweitzer, Albert  
Prayer of a Stray Davenport, Bev Please send me someone who will care...

Prayer of a Stray -- in three languages

trans. by Tiger Stray animals
Prayer of the Cows Gold, Sam O light deliver us Thy lowly slaves, You who feed us The bread of sorrow.
Punishment Impending Dvorak, David Animal abusers best to take heed for their punishment impending
Puppy Hooley, Graeme These four walls my prison for a short time they will be,
Quack Quack Rebello, Dr. Leo At the Quack Quack conference
Questions Gullage, Cynthia Helen Why are they killing the animals?
Reacting to Avenge Dvorak, David Blood drenched floors existing throughout the gory places
Remember Me: Ode to the Irresponsible Breeder James, Trudie Remember me, though I know that you won't


unknown Life changing experience
Repercussions' Set Into Motion Dvorak, David Raising hell for atrocities witnessed     Sending the guilty running for fear
Retarded Research Moxham, Jenny Anti-vivisection
Rescue Poem Pace, Arlene From a rescued dog
Reversing actions of the soulless blind Dvorak, David Worried for the countless souls  Never to embrace freedom
Ride to Death Riddle, Janet Straight through the traffic grind the stench of feces trails behind
Road Kill Toplak, Cirila Every spotted road kill stops my random thoughts And makes me shiver
Room In Your Heart Schubert-James, Caro Sorrow fills a barren space; you close your eyes and see my face
Ruled to Engage Dvorak, David Amassing the aid from all they choose Denying the right for the innocent to exist
Saying it like it is Dvorak, David Preying on those thought of as less Ignorant, heartless, clueless & out for blood
Seasons of Life Willis, Jim It is the Spring of your life,
Seen In the Eyes of the Innocent Dvorak, David Seeing sorrow & dread In the eyes of the caged innocents
She Etwaroo, Shenita She huddles against the grit of a brick wall, In the grime of the alleyway,
She Can See Me Anonymous J Lifting my head for the very last time To have it stomped down once again

Shelter Animal

unknown about shelter animals
Shelter Xmas unknown 'Tis the night before Christmas and all through the town,
Showing of Their Cards Dvorak, David Tainting the views of many against our cause Implementing more actions against them our only recourse
Sidewalk Sorrow Anntelop haiku
Silent Screams Anonymous J Why do I scream in my sleep? Night terrors Terrifying Multiplying

Sit & Stay

Ellis, Virginia (Ginny) Hurricane Katrina's cost
Skinned Alive
 (also in French)
unknown Its not a bad dream
It happens in real life
Nous sommes apeur's et effray's
Slow Dance girl dying of cancer Have you ever watched kids on a merry-go-round?
Slowly Gaining Ground Dvorak, David Destroying all remainder of soul   Assembly of evils
Smashing The Mirage Dvorak, David  Weakening the mirage put forth by the industries, Rallying to begin the start of full animal freedom
Song of Peace Shaw, George Bernard from his writing
Sounds of a Battery Hen Davis, karen You can tell me: if you come by the North door, I am in the twelfth pen
Standing Up for Their Rights Dvorak, David Praying for this war to end knowing it never will
Supporting All Sentients Dvorak, David Waking up to free even more Backing off only when moment to strike not right

Surrendered Eyes

Layne, Jerry Elmore Shelter animals
Sweet Slaughterhouse Beast Reader, Marian Dear Sweet Soul I feel your pain That dark black hole where you were slain.
'Terrorists' Vs. Human 'Demons' Dvorak, David When only trying to stop ongoing cruelty Labeled as "terrorists"
The ABCs of Atrocity Ransel, Viola sow the seeds of future perversity.

The Activist

E., Paul A rescue
The Baby Renata-Laura Vegalante How can we take away your mother
The Bear Hunt Lincoln, Abraham A wild-bear chace, didst never see?
The Call Dvorak, David The call has gone out This time a call to arms
The Circus Slave WantNoMeat circus
The Death of the Old Plymouth Rock Hen by Senator Eugene McCarthy It was tragic when her time came
The Devils Are in the Details Dvorak, David The cruel never ceasing to amaze Inches from snapping someone's neck

The Difference He Made

Poole, Randy Amidst the morning mist of the swift returning tide
The Family Dog unknown The family's dog was bought to guard, Chained to a post in a chilly backyard,
The Garden Cowper, William Well--one at least is safe. One shelter'd hare
The House Dog's Grave Jeffers, Robinson (1887-1962) I've changed my ways a little; I cannot now run with you in the evenings along the shore
The Hunt Owens, Amy-Le Below the roots of an oak, be there a family of six. A mother and her babies who she smothers with love and licks.
The Inconvenient Truth Keary, Jordie A dog sits among children, as the treasured family pet He is loved and cared for, with checkups regularly from an experienced vet
The Kinship of Atoms Toplak, Cirila I have a tattoo on my forehead Invisible to humans
The Least of These Carter, Jared No, not a dream, but here, now.
The Legend of Billy McCread Hughes, Paul You'll remember the story of Jake Ah, yes, that was incredibly sad
The Little Black Dog Reynolds, Elizabeth Gardner If Christ had a dog...
The Misery On Your Plate Murphy, Emma Will you look them in the eye, Will you hear their tortured cries,
The Pledge Riddle, Janet Until the last flesh is consumed And no more animals are born to doom
The Power That Moves Gold, Sam The power that moves without impediment All light, all density, thrush and cricket song,

The Puppy's Plea + 10 poems

Mollie, Jim Willis, more Pet Stores

The Reason

Senite-RockoO, Kim I would've died that day if not for you.
The Silent Revolution Piergrossi, Brian On the surface of the world right now there is war and violence and things seem dark.
The Slaughter-House Hayes, Alfred About animals going to slaughter
The Spirit of a Greyhound unknown I was standing on a hillside in a field of blowing wheat
The Stairway to Freedom Marr, Anthony One who dwells in the bottom of a well will say that the sky is small.
These Eyes Tell the Story Etwaroo, Shenita If we see ourselves as living beings Things are quite straightforward seeing
The Thoughts of "H" Donnelly, Harry I don't know much about dugongs or sea turtles for that matter,
The Vegan Poem Rogers, Jeff This is my poem promoting the vegan lifestyle. The thought of eating flesh, to many, is just vile.

The Vegan Poem Page

various Various poetry from various sites

The Vegan Poem Page 2

various Various poetry from various sites

The Vow

unknown Forgive me for my actions were learned
The Young Horse Sumner, Valerie Horse racing
The Week Before Christmas Moxham, Jenny Twas the week before Christmas And all through the shed, Not a creature was stirring For all were now dead.
They Live In Our Hearts Nagev, Nitram They live in our hearts and run through our dreams:
Think Again Brother Man Pape, Edward This is the voice of the creatures Calling the one that can speak,

Think of The Cow

Briggs, Marion Is milk 'natural'?

This Little Kitten

Melanie Done once shunned,
Through Opened Eyes Riddle, Janet Through opened eyes we clearly see And answer the animal's plea

Through Their Eyes

Wilson, Ann No difference

The "From Trust to Dust" Video

Beane, Linda Hey homies! Yeah all of you!
The Siren's Cry Amy-Le Owens Take your gaze out to sea, and let their song be heard
The World's Need Wilcox, Ella Wheeler So many gods So many creeds, So many paths that wind and wind
Those Eyes Sarah Your eyes did not comprehend, The pain and suffering you endured,
Through the Eyes of a Pit unknown Do you know what it's like to be a pit bull?
'Till All Are Free Dvorak, David As if viewing a fortune telling abacus Counting both good and bad events
Timing Must Be Exact Dvorak, David There will always be an opportunity   The chance may not be one of great mention

To A Dog

Branch, Anna Hempstead If there is no God for thee,
To A Fur Scarf F.F. Van de Water The trap jaws clanked and held him fast;
To Fast on Thanksgiving Day Fong, Mira Questioning America's most barbaric tradition
Tom Turkey Beihl, Molly I'm emailing you today, my friend Not just to say hello
To My Uncle Sam Browne, Brennan While robbing the poor to pay for more war You redefine goodness as terror.
Tough Love / Chained Bakalar, Gordon I am a dog with a story to tell
Trapped Earthlings Templeton, Laura We are all earthlings trapped in a world in which we've doomed
T'was the Night Before Christmas unknown Xmas in a shelter
Twas The Night In the Fur Farm Jacobelly, Liz Twas the night in the fur farm In my prison I lie Deprived of freedom No one heard my cry
Unhindered Dvorak, David Hating where this has brought me Hating what and how this has made me into
Unseen They Suffer unknown Unseen they suffer
Until the last flesh is consumed unknown Until the last flesh is consumed and no more animals are born to doom
Unveiled Purpose of An Underdog Dvorak, David Reached the moral "point of no return" Refuse to sit back and watch it crumble
USDA Choice Schorin, Mel Would you eat it if it fell on the floor, the waiter washed it off, replaced the sauce and broccoli,

Vegan Poetry

Jones, Bernie Collection of poetry

Vegan Poetry 2

Jones, Bernie Collection of poetry
Vegan Slam Poetry various video
Vegan Steven Zephaniah, Benjamin There was a young vegan
Veganism Is So Right Temba, Kedar People ask me why no milk and meat? I say there's plenty of other things to eat
Versos de Fuego   Que te incendien el pelo en nombre de Dios,

Voice of the Voiceless

Wilcox, Ella Wheeler I am the voice of the voiceless:
Voices Etwaroo, Shenita Can you hear them? They're calling out to you. A trillion voices, all lifted up,
The Voices That Cannot Speak Etwaroo, Shenita If you had the chance to hear them Would they be asking you why?
We Are The Living Grave of Murdered Beasts Shaw, George Bernard We are the living graves of murdered beasts
We Will Katz, M. Butterflies We will always be mindful...
We Won't Stand Down Finch, Charlie For so long, you've all used ignorance
To justify your callous methods.

What Are My Influences?

Rose, Simara Everyday miracles
What We Owe Dennis, Alan All died bravely most died scared
What's It All About ...? Alfy! Remnant-Ashton, Elaine & Rod Book of poetry to raise funds for the care of the animals on Jollity Farm

Where Does It End?

Ewert, Lisa Jo Cats are one of God's creations
Where Do We Start? Snider, Bonnie Where Do We Start? The task so daunting. Where do we start? Every second of every hour of every day

Where's Her Baby

Beane, Linda Every animal is someone's baby

Who's James Strecker?

Strecker, James interview
Why Animals Need You Jaymes, Patty Because they have a voice to cry Without the words to tell you why;

We're Not Different

Lambdin, Vickie In a sleek dark alley, there once lived two cats
Whirlpool of Darkened Intent Dvorak, David  
White Stallion of Riudoso Canyon SeaWolf Up in those canyons far Riudoso way Runs a white stallion so legends do say
Why? Sassone, Jami The man with the metal rod returns today He summons me in the most painful way

Will Somebody Love Me?

Lohinski, Judith Shelter animals
Within Bitter Walls Delesandro / McNulty, Kelly A tale of lives broken
Within the Heart Riddle, Janet Another day -- another meal Another life your actions steal

With My Eyes

Shoss, Brenda Promise to never forget

World Week for Animals in Labs

Strecker, James Abuse of the sentient only increasing world wide   Loving the animal kingdom fully taking their side Butterflies Katz Poems and articles on vegan issues by the co-author of "Incredibly Delicious Recipes for a New Paradigm"

Xmas Poems

Greene, Lindy.
Hankins, Camille
Two AR poems
Xmas Quote Manchester, Guila Seasonal poem
You Are The Answer unknown "Good morning, may we help you?" That's how we start our day, "You won't kill them, will you?" are the first words you say.
You Just Don't Care unknown Look away, it's okay Pretend that you don't see
Your Knife Cuts Deeper Etwaroo, Shenita As you barbarically rip the skin from my back
Your Saviour Has Come Mi-Ri-Guel-Ta Your Saviour Has Come, No Matter What
Your Servant, Your Saviour, My Life, My Mission Mi-Ri-Guel-Ta To my brothers and sisters of the animal kingdom:
You Took Him From His Mother Murphy, Emma You took him from his mother, You kept him from the sun.
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