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Mia's Story

~"Love is my water and my fresh air"~
~Mia's story~
(Written/translated from Dog language to human language by *JeZa*)

After I was abandoned and left to roam thru streets, while I was having puppies in my belly, I searched for a place to hide.

A tree in a green park offered me a place to stay; there I waited for my pups to be born -.

One nice lady (with red hair) saw me and came every day with her dogs to feed me and check how I was.

When workers from a nearby restaurant noticed me and my pups, they called the dog catchers ("-interi"- in Serbian).

Those inhumane creatures killed my puppies, my beloved ones- destroyed my new born my life. Horridly, all of my babies were killed, clubbed to death-in front of my own eyes, (I was struggling to save them, but I was outnumbered-) One of my babies was saved by a man in a gray coat- I never saw my baby again...

I was pushed into the dog catcher's rusty truck, and dumped into Ovča facility (Belgrade City kill pound). There, I was "sterilized" and I still have problems with my bladder- After that "operation" I woke up in pain- in a dirty cage, on a concrete floor, without water and without food -- it was very hot, and smelly- I was gasping for air. I cant understand how many days I have spent there- but I felt that I was dying, slowly- alone-without a clue as to why it all happened to me... what have I done wrong? Those thoughts were all I had.

And I looked for pictures of my smiling babies-as they were engraved deep into my brain-they were my water and my fresh air...

When a heavy door opened I recognized a voice.. She was coming towards me, and her finger was pointing - at me.

I knew that it's not allowed to bark "hello" in this facility, and I wanted to wave to her, but my paws were so heavy and I was so week, that I just wagged with the tip of my tail.

I fainted, and woke up - I was still in same cage-.

Time went by, she did not came back.

Time passes, and passes- It was cramped, around me everyone in fear.. then-I heard screams, guards and their voices were loud-.My cage friends- died.. It was hidden, it was brutal- and I will never forget it.

Then time passes again- and again, Red Lady came back- embraced me in her arms, and I was out of that slaughterhouse.

New place was everything but shelter, as red Lady promised to me. I was starved, caged, and no one ever looked at me-dogs were humping me; I wanted to run away- at least in my mind -

Times pass, red Lady comes and goes; she talks nice things to me, and holds me in her arm.

I trusted her all the way, as I had no one else to hold on to.

I wanted to ask for my survived baby, but I knew she would not understand-

Time went by, and one windy day, four of them came.
Red Lady, and three more (one woman and two men).
One of those 3 was wearing a smile,
She was going straight towards me.
Her Voice was full of hope,
and hands were so warm-
I wanted her to stay forever,
I wanted to name her- my MOM.

Suddenly, we were sitting in a car,
It was a long ride,
We drove away, far..far-

Doors of my new home opened, ray of love had hit me- right there on the doorstep.

My new home, my new mom, my new dad and my personal bed (which sometimes my parents occupy when they are napping after lunch, or when they are watching movie and fall a sleep.. then I have to squeeze in between them-

Mom&Dad love to breathe with me, and to sniff my ears and nose, and my sleepy eyes...

In the morning we all have our morning snack; we cuddle and prepare for new day. At night I am covered with my love blanket and my dreams are guarded by my angles.

My life had changed so much- I am now loved, and I love again.

Things that happened to me I will never forget, but I will store them somewhere deep inside, so I can go on with my life.

My mom and dad are my heart; I feel how much they care for me- we will never get apart, forever together we will be.

My life is an example, of how one obvious "the end" can become "the beginning"

Please, Take action- You can change someone's life- for good.



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