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Sid's Story - Animal SOS Sri Lanka

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Sid's Story - Animal SOS Sri Lanka

A story of an ex-street dog

Kim Cooling tells the remarkable story of endurance that inspired her to found her charitable organisation

Registered charity : 1119902

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Sid in Sri Lanka

Sid as a street dog in Sri Lanka

Sid with Kim Cooling in Sri Lanka

Sid and Kim in Sri Lanka

Sid's Story

It was the last day of a self funded trip to Sri Lanka in 2005, and my friend Morag and I were feeding the strays near our hotel before flying back to the UK. Suddenly a gangly flea ridden dog staggered towards us collapsing at our feet. We had never seen him before, but knew we had to get him to the vets quickly. The dog had been badly beaten by locals and his front legs appeared broken. Part of his paw was also severed. The dog sensed we were his last hope and as we rushed him to the vets we decided to call him Sid.

As well as his injuries, Sid was infected with Dirofilaria Repens, a serious disease in dogs which is transmitted by mosquitoes. He was emaciated, dehydrated and covered in ticks and mange mites. In view of his neglected state, the vets were cynical about Sid's chances of survival. But we decided to give him a chance of life and paid to keep him there for as long as it would take to make him well again.

We had little time before our flight home, but before leaving managed to give Sid his first ever bath, gently removed the ticks from his ears and fed him a hearty meal and some fresh water.

We gave him a final hug as we left and Sid howled pitifully. He broke our hearts and we never thought we would see him again.

But this courageous dog pulled through and we decided to bring him back to the UK. It was an emotional journey, but Sid's battle for life was not yet over. During the first month of his quarantine he started passing blood from his genitals. He had a large Transmissible Venereal Tumour (TVT) missed by the Sri Lankan vets. The quarantine vet refused to administer the chemotherapy (Vincristine) to cure him and tried to persuade me to have Sid put to sleep. But I refused because I knew about this disease from my work in Sri Lanka, and the treatment is highly effective. After some harrowing weeks, my own vet agreed to help Sid and fortunately his premises met with DEFRA's approval. Animals in quarantine are strictly regulated and any movement outside the quarantine premises has to be authorised by DEFRA. The veterinary costs for the chemotherapy and transport to the vets were huge and this was in addition to the hefty quarantine costs, all funded from our wages. Sid was also found to have a tick borne disease -Ehrlichiosis, which had also been missed by vets in Sri Lanka. But, despite everything life had thrown at him, this brave boy sailed through all his treatments and is now healthy, although he remains disabled due to leg injuries.

Kim and Sid

Sid and Kim are devoted to one other

Sid is devoted to his rescuer Kim Cooling and lives with her in London.

For Sid, the misery and torment he suffered as a stray in Sri Lanka is now a distant memory.

Sid in London

From death's door to safety now living with Kim Cooling


Sid in London

Every stray dog just wants to be loved.
For Sid this dream came true .......


Animal SOS Sri Lanka

Registered Charity: 1119902

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For other destitute animals in Sri Lanka their misery and suffering goes on.

Kim has now founded a UK Registered Charity

Animal SOS Sri Lanka

to give hope to the abused and suffering
stray animals in Sri Lanka.

With your help our charity will provide the suffering animals with refuge, veterinary care, sterilisation and vaccination programs in Sri Lanka.

We will also raise awareness through our local animal welfare education in Sri Lanka.


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