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The Key to Paradise [Poem Collection]

by Donna Anderson


The Key To Paradise

As I sit, searching my very soul for a hint of life,
I wonder the true meaning of it all...
Are we a species that dwells on bringing pain to others,
when we, ourselves, do not wish to feel it?
Or are we mystic lovers of our earth, with the ability to show our compassion
locked deep within?
If so, what will it take to find this precious key and open the rusty doors to paradise?
Though we are a breed apart, we share the same polluted air as our fellow creatures.
We see the same night, sun, moon, and stars shining innocently in the sky.
We have the given intelligence to love, create, hope, wish, and destroy,
but we now must capture a new intelligence...
The power to sense the pain of others.



The cry of a cow being slaughtered
The whimper of a hunted deer
A squeal of a pig being branded
And the torture a veal calf will feel

The fear in a lab animal's eyes
The boredom of animals in zoos
An animal in slavery for entertainment
The fright of animals on fur farms, too.

Though they do not speak our language
Or understand our ways
Animals do have rights in this world
They, too, know how to love, weep, and play.

We believe humans are intelligent
The smartest of all species
Then why is it we use our friends
And treat them as assembly line pieces?


America the Beautiful?

With banners flying high
proud to be alive
Americans live their lives
without batting an eye
But locked tightly in their cages
are our animals of nature
Crying desperately in pain
as the vivisectionist jots statistics on his paper
Why must we show cruelty
to every living thing
We should be teaching our children to be peaceful
instead of how to sting
The very things that brought us life
you know as well as I
Are the animals we now torture
to put a dollar in the American pie!



Humans are an interesting species
with their knowledge to create
but when they gather in such large numbers
they play a lawless king to nature's fate
The forests begin to disappear
with the animals who call it home
and the oceans become immorally polluted
while we talk mindlessly on the phone
Though we're worried about our salaries
and minor things in life
we are beginning an immeasurable journey
and an unthinkable fight


Endless Lesson

I cannot look into a mother cow's eyes
without feeling her pain.
Her children enter a vicious cycle
and from this what will she gain?

I cannot touch the fur of a fox,
the image of blood flows through my mind.
It's skin will be torn from its back.
Haven't we advanced further in time?

We are all as one with nature,
though humans do not realize.
We were put here to share this planet
and not to walk away from the pain in another's eyes.

Donna Anderson,

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