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Celebrities Who Suck
These selfish people have sucked the life and soul
out of innocent animals. Don't they look proud!

McConaughey Distances Himself from Canned Hunts - Feb 2015

Hunter's Hall of Shame - Oct 2014

Some monsters and their monstrosities towards environments and animals - December 2013

Kim Kardashian - flaunts fur on her t.v. show and also on her facebook. Anyone who thinks fur is "fabulous" or "gorgeous" is absolutely disgusting, selfish, and mean. Fur is worn by beautiful animals and UGLY PEOPLE!!!
   -- J.S.

Beautiful Female Wolf Lured from Safety of Sanctuary by Fake Recording of Pup Distress Calls - October 2012

Troy Gentry Kills Captive, Tame Bear - October 2010
Arizona Activist Responds to Gentry's Bear Killing

Nugent--Draft Dodging Warmongerer, Cowardly Deer Baiting Poacher, NRA Mouthpiece

125+ Fur Free Celebrities

Jessica Simpson's leopard print is hideously offset by a craptabulous orange bag. Sharon Stone sashays while rocking a furry bathroom rug.

Sometimes it is really good to sit back and watch some fur
hags make a fool of themselves. Below are a few examples.
Cate Blanchett:
Naomi Campbell: 
Jessica Simpson: 
Tara Reid:

J-Low .wmv

Brook Shields - Fur Hag

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Debbie King

Throwing up Gotti

Britney Spears

Elizabeth Hurley

Cate Blanchett

Kimberly Stewart

Beyonce Knowles

Ellie McPherson

Eva Longoria


Heidi Klum

Jennifer Connely

Kate Bosworth


Mary J. Blige

Naomi Campbell

Jennifer Lopez

Sharon Stone

Paris Hilton

Tara Reid

Debra Messing

Axel Rose

Diana Ross

John Galliano

Lenny Kravitz

Star Jones

Will Smith

Ed Boks

Maria Sharapova

Lisa Gastineau


Nicole Richie shamed by PETA

Serena Williams

Lindsay Lohan

Kate Hudson

Kate Moss

 Adriana Lima

Pete Burns


Letter to Beyonce

Paris Hilton - blind

Anti-fur Turncoats

Anti-fur posters       Anti-fur Posters 2

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