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Interview with Starlit

March 8, 2014

Starlit is a band from Los Angeles with an innovative, bold, poetically potent and brutally beautiful sound consisting of brother and sister Max Cassidy and Simara Delilah Rose. Not only is their sound a unique blend of old school Metal music fused with Vintage styling in the vocals but the lyrics are thought provoking and inspiring. From the start the singer of Starlit has always been very expressive about her strong passion for the rights of non humans. Starlit has many of their songs up on reverberation and three new songs including one Betty specifically about opposing cruelty to non humans coming out soon. Starlit will be giving The Animal Liberation front their song Betty.

How would you describe the sound of your songs and what sort of things do you write about ?

Simara Delilah Rose : Our songs are seductive songs of war. Seductive because they have an alluring, enchanting and intoxicating quality that pleasures any listener's ear and yet they have content lyrically that also is for the soul, heart and mind as I sing with themes of stoicism for any individual who is battling the many daily wars within our societies. Intricate, multi layered and a blend of some of the best musical worlds which is very inspiring to hear and additionally the lyrics, the stories within each song are pretty in depth with compelling truths.

Each song is really a chant, a mantra, a prayer a proclamation for the people who do not connect to the masses and never have. Whether it is what we are told a family is supposed to be, or school, or friends, or a job, or the government or religions and furthermore down into how we are conditioned to think we are supposed to act a individuals.

There are so many rules be they subliminally told to one from a young age through society around them or be they blatantly enforced , these rules are almost always ludicrous, destructive, unethical, immoral, without soul, heart or any level of real intelligence. Many people adjust to these rules and are living Step ford wives or lobotomized walking dead, others are brazenly maniacal.

We are the same society who watched others be brutalized in coliseums , who would get off on public hangings and who thrived on witch hunts. We are also still the same society who made the Holocaust, Apartheid in South Africa, Segregation in the United States. All these monstrosities are still very much alive and well within the average human. So what about the people who do not fit into, nor do they want to connect to all that? Well these songs are for them, from where they are coming from and what they feel. And I am speaking about human and non humans alike.

Non humans have more humanity than most humans. They have compassion, loyalty, nobility and courage that is grossly lacking in human beings as a whole, additionally we with out limitations of the human mind can only begin to understand and recognize the abilities and skills of all non humans.

Non humans have been subjected to what is the most widely spread , widely accepted and longest standing forms of torture, abuse, rape, slavery, disrespect and murder that we humans have created, supported, and promoted in history's record. It is important to note that while I do tell of all of this in the songs, I never ever leave the listener feeling hopeless.

Giving up, giving in, staying stuck in anger, fear or sorrow though understandable feelings to anyone with a clue would only add to the many problems, I don't want to be a part of that shit. There is too much unnecessary shit in our societies. I believe in using that shit as fertilizer to grow. I'm not going to lie about the truth and I am not going to be silent but that truth is also a way to empower ourselves to be better people and contribute something epically needed.

I also don't hate all humans. I do not and never have connected to most humans but I do care about humans, and yes I still have faith in them.

All this destructive, hedonistic, gluttonous, psychotic ways of non living CAN be changed for the better. All of the harm we do is unnecessary, and truly insane, be it racism, sexism, homophobia, and most of all speciesism .I say most of all speciesism because all our issues stem from that grave demented and utterly false way of un-thinking.

When did you first have a realization about non humans and how we are to them?

Simara Delilah Rose: No one whom I grew up with was vegan or spoke about non human rights or even human rights. No one spoke about anything important to me as a child. I remember feeling the huge disconnect between myself and society from my earliest memories.

I was in shock and did not know how to handle it. It is a scary fucking thing when you don't connect to your parents, the school you go to-what they teach, kids your age, religion or really anything you are supposed to learn from, be close with, be guided by.... I felt like a fucking alien. I was sure it was me , that there was something wrong with me. As I got older after having my bubble burst a billion times I realized that most of what I felt I was failing at or being rejected from was not people or things I wanted to connect to and thus I accepted the world when it comes to humans over all is just fucked and I wanted to change that. I know that anything IS possible.

I remember one incident very clearly. It was one of the few times I was with my biological father. I was very young, maybe 6.

He put a plate in front of me and was so delighted with himself stating it was a "pepper steak" and giblets. He claimed it was very gourmet.

I remember looking down and seeing/thinking/feeling :

This has blood-I have blood
this had bones-I have bones
this has flesh-I have flesh ….. this is NOT something it was someone!!!

I also remember many times at family gatherings seeing veins in what was on my plate. This disgusted me. I would place it in my napkin and go throw it in the toilet.

I stopped eating flesh around age 6 but I still consumed liquid flesh aka "dairy " and eggs and I still wore leather, wool, silk because I had not yet connected the dot and no one told me.

I did not know what veganism was until I was 15 but as soon as I heard of it I immediately learned all I could. I WANTED to know as much as I could. As soon as I learned something I ate, used, helped support, wore etc was connected to any cruelty to a non human I lost all desire to use it, wear it, eat it.

It has NEVER been difficult to stay vegan. I don't understand how anyone could think so, if an innocent being's rape, slavery, torture, death is connected to something you use or promote why the fuck would you have anything but the desire to stop at once and never go back?

Do you think there has been a rise in public support of veganism and how do you feel about that?

Simara Delilah Rose: Yes and no about the public supporting veganism.

Most people go vegan for health reasons or because it's trendy. But veganism is not about health reasons and a being's welfare should not be a trend. Veganism is about the RIGHTS on non humans.

It makes me sick that celebrities or anyone throw the welfare of these lives of non humans around and turn their conviction on and off depending on the convenience of those rights being respected.

It was truly a let down when Ellen who has said she was a vegan and at the very least has been shown the facts on all the cruelties mentioned Rodeos as she hosted the Oscars. She talked about Rodeos with nonchalance and a neutral candor but there is nothing neutral or nonchalant about Rodeos where bulls are starved, have peppers and Vaseline rubbed into their eyes to confuse and agitate them, have their balls tied painfully and a sick fuck of a human riding them in front of cheering idiots. Many baby cows are tormented and harassed at Rodeos as well.

Ellen added further damage by than going out of her way to order non vegan pizza's coated in "cheese" which is really the by product of rape, slavery, theft and murder.

Jared Leto another person who has stated he was vegan understandably and commendably spoke up for the many human victims of AIDES but failed to include how non humans are imprisoned in torture facilities in the name of AIDES research, inflicted with AIDES and subjected to not just the many painful stages of AIDES but fear, depression and sick inhumane tests done to them.

That show had MILLIONS of viewers.

Here was the opportunity for both Jared and Ellen to take even just one fucking minute to shed some light on the non humans and they both not only ignored the plight of non humans that but promoted cruelty.

Additionally I really loathe when humans say they are taking "baby steps" to go vegan. What a load of weak willed shit.

While that human is taking their "baby steps" someone somewhere is paying for that with the price of their life!

I also don't jump for joy when humans make tiny changes in their cruelties like no gestation crates -whoopee -big fucking deal, that pig should not be imprisoned and slaughtered in the first place- so you take the cages away they are still subjected to numerous vile injustices. It is like congratulating a rapist who announces they are just going to molest others and not "full on rape".

There is a large amount of Vegans who also attack anyone who is not just peaceful and sweet about veganism.

They say that all vegans should ONLY be kind and compassionate but sometimes genuine kindness and compassion means you DO get fucking angry and you do take physical steps - doing otherwise in some cases is weak and demented. The Nazi's would not have listened to "pretty please stop". Apartheid in South Africa would not have ended by passing out flowers to ever racist and a silent protest would not stop a human being raped. Look I love to be happy and give care and joy but I am not going to do that when another being is being harmed.

One of the shadiest and biggest road blocks that is in the way of real progress with the public and veganism is how the more well known so called animal welfare organizations constantly promote actions and elements that directly go against the very ones they claim they are fighting for.

For instance PETA and Mercy For Animals both have shown videos that document how many cows and chickens are raped, beaten, enslaved and murdered and yet they also constantly promote vegetarianism, or they gush over lesser evils when they should be solid in NO harm done. PETA has also advocated murdering dogs based on whether they are pit bull or not and murdering homeless non humans, they state that murder is a good solution for homelessness and dog fighting which is totally fucking sick. It is like saying that all the Jews and Gypsies should have been murdered since they were being targeted by the Nazis or that since human child prostitution is a problem we should murder all children. There is so much shady shit that goes on with the "big" organizations and celebrities and YES your right I am harder on them because they KNOW the truth and are still adding to the problems and because they have large numbers of humans that listen to them so YES they should be more responsible, just and fucking consistent with the facts!

Than the public excuses these immoral and unethical ways and states "but they are PETA!! or someone is a RECUER or VEGAN" as if those titles give anyone a free pass to get away with fucking up.

Anyone can call themselves a vegan, or rescuer or "animal activist /lover"- anyone. It is just a fucking word unless there is consistent actions upheld under, above and around it and any good someone does does NOT exempt them from doing no wrong.

Every person makes mistakes, can be an asshole, is flawed. No one is a saint and when people place other humans on a pedestal they are creating a dangerous delusion.

I gotta say that the only human being I feel upholds the truth is Gary Yourofsky. I don't worship or idolize him but I fucking respect and admire him and those are qualities I don't throw around often or easily.

As far as more than just one person I support the Animal Liberation Front. To me those are real heroes.

And the only people I think come close to what a saint is would be the non humans.

Do you think non humans will be liberated in your lifetime?

Simara Delilah Rose: absofuckinglutely! Anything so un-just, so immoral, so EVIL and sick will not thrive forever.

I stated I have faith in humans and I do and this is coming from someone who has been to hell and back with humans a thousand times.

I also believe more in the power of anything or anyone positive though it may be the minority and rare over any prevalent and majority of all negative.

I have never placed any weight in the number of something seeing as the majority of most things are corrupt and fucked.

Non humans WILL be liberated in my life.

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