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Behind the Mask -- movie trailer

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Subject: DVD - Behind the mask

New AR DVD - Behind the Mask.
Trailer at bottom of this page.
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Shannon Keith - BEHIND THE MASK DVD:
This has got to be the most inspirational Animal Rights film ever put together. On the front of the DVD it has these words displayed The Movie Our Govt Doesn't Want You To See and I couldn't agree more. If the general public actually wised up to what went on in Abattoirs, Vivisection Labs and Mink Farms etc then we'd see Governments around the world being made to answer for allowing this cruelty to continue. In this movie Shannon Keith (An Animal Rights Lawyer) captures the hearts and souls of people involved in the struggle for Animal Liberation. People such as Keith Mann, John Feldmann, John Curtin and Ronnie Lee are amongst those who are interviewed and give excellent accounts of themselves. One of John Feldmann's accounts was crazy where the Police raided his house looking for a tin of spray paint - The Police cost of that exercise was around $400,000 and then later being sued in court. John sums up the raid best. It was like something out of a Bruce Willis Film. Mad! While the likes of the American and British Governments see the Animal Liberation Front as Serious Terrorists this film makes those kind of statements sound ridiculous. Shannon captures what the true spirit of the Animal Liberation Front is all about and believe you me they're the furthest thing from people who fly planes in to buildings. These people show so much love and compassion and that has to be congratulated rather than condemned.

There's so much more I could say about this film but I won't because its something you have to see for yourself. Telling you about it would just spoil watching Behind The Mask anyway. The best thing you can do is buy a copy and show it to all your family and friends and get them onboard with the struggle for Animal Liberation. Without winning the masses over the struggle will continue and millions more animals will either be slaughtered or tortured to death. Not only do you get a great film but the sound track to it is pretty cool too with tracks from the likes of American Punk band 'Goldfinger'.

There's some other good tracks on here but the bands were very unfamiliar to me. Shannon Keith is a diamond lady for writing and producing this film as are all the people involved with Animal Liberation who are featured in it. This is one movie you have to own! Uncaged Films

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