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Road Kill Cafe

[Irish Examiner]

It's unlikely to be a hit for children's lunch boxes but Jamie Oliver is making a new TV show about the benefits of eating road-kill.

The BBC programme, by Oliver's TV-production company Fresh One, features pioneering forager and road-kill chef Fergus Drennan.
A passionate advocate of the benefits of road-kill, he wants to change Britain's eating habits and stop people consuming what he believes is bland rubbish.

If viewers are inspired to follow his example, Drennan's road-kill recipes are expected to feature on the BBC3 programme website.

In the show, Road Kill Café, Drennan goes to Sandwich in Kent to persuade locals to forage for the first time and discover the delights of road-kill meat.
Drennan, who describes himself as vegetarian, has said: "If you haven't seen or heard it being killed, and it's not been killed on your behalf, then it's okay.

"A lot of the meat that people buy from supermarkets doesn't even look like it comes from an animal."

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