Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.

-----Thomas Paine

March 10, 2009 will mark Thomas Paine's Corner's fourth year in existence. As founder and senior editor, I've decided to take TPC in a new direction.

TPC is ending its affiliation with Cyrano's Journal Online, embracing a more holistic and eclectic worldview, and relocating to www.thomaspainescorner.org  (or you can get to the new location via http://thomaspainescorner.wordpress.com/ ). Please save one of these URLs to your favorites and visit TPC often!

Working closely with the Transformative Studies Institute (TSI at http://transformativestudies.org/ ), which is now sponsoring TPC, and with the Institute for Critical Animal Studies (ICAS at http://www.criticalanimalstudies.org/ ), TPC will serve as a media platform and educational resource to help advance the cause of the total liberation of human animals, non-human animals, and the Earth.

TPC will continue to operate free of corporate, government, NGO, or individual financial influence. TPC accepts money from no one, including TSI.

Here are some offerings from TPC's new location:

1. Breaking Gaza’s Will: Israel’s Enduring Fantasy by Ramzy Baroud

Olmert wants to "break the will" of Hamas, i.e. the Palestinians, since the Hamas government was elected and backed by the majority of the Palestinian people.

Isn’t 60 years of suffering and survival enough to convince Olmert that the will of the Palestinians cannot be broken? How many heaps of wreckage and mutilated bodies will be enough to convince the prime minister that those who fight for their freedom will either be free or will die trying?


2. "Class Struggle" by Steve Jonas

Under capitalism the owners/controllers attempt, usually with great success, to create the illusion that the State is somehow an independent body, up for grabs. In fact, and one can observe this happening over and over again, the State serves primarily the interests of the owning/controlling class, which in fact own it too. (In the U.S., with for the most part private financing of elections, they literally buy it.)


3. Left Anticommunism by Michael Parenti

Our real sin was that unlike many on the Left we refused to uncritically swallow U.S. media propaganda about communist societies. Instead, we maintained that, aside from the well-publicized deficiencies and injustices, there were positive features about existing communist systems that were worth preserving, that improved the lives of hundreds of millions of people in meaningful and humanizing ways.


4. Until there are no beings whom we still define as "other" by Norm Phelps and Steve Best

Thus, I support the liberation of animals — from Jesus’ liberation of the animals waiting to be sacrificed in the Temple through medieval saints, through early ALF liberation raids on laboratories and mink farms, through "open rescues" of the type practiced by Animal Liberation Victoria, Compassion Over Killing, and other groups.



Among the terrible pictures that I have seen on the Web, pictures that Palestinians and friends of Palestine have sent me, the most terrible was not of shattered, mutilated bodies, of blasted lives and unendurable pain. The most terrible was a picture of young Israelis standing within their secure borders (of occupied Palestine!) looking at the devastation being visited on the terrified civilians of Gaza a couple of miles away. And the unremitting horror of that image was that those who watched the bombs bursting in air and the puffs of death rising—they were smiling.


6. The absurd persistence of domination: Of speciesism, capitalism, and shaking their foundations by Jason Miller

Speciesism, the mental perversion that afflicts most people–causing them to view themselves as superior to all other species, is the one of the most blatantly exploitative and reprehensible of all human ideologies. Yet it remains "socially acceptable." Inextricably linked with the bourgeois belief in the supremacy of profit and property over life, speciesism reveals the ferocity and grotesquery of savage capitalism.


7. The War Against Toys and Pharma-ganda by Adam Engel

And every time THE MAN tries to crack down, the network of rebel thrill-seekers grows until Kris - who grows a Che Guevara beard and changes his name to "Claus" after a wanted poster names the clean-shaven Kris Kringle PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE - is welcome among fellow travelers and creatures of the woods like Che himself among the peasants.


8. Homage to John Brown by George Novack

As the slave power tightened its grip upon the government, John Brown’s views on emancipation changed radically. "A firm believer in the divine authenticity of the Bible", he drew his inspiration and guidance from the Old Testament rather than the New. He lost sympathy with the abolitionists of the Garrison school who advocated the Christ-like doctrine of non-resistance to force. He identified himself with the shepherd Gideon who led his band against the Midianites and slew them with his own hand.


9. My Dog or Your Child? Ethical Dilemmas and the Hierarchy of Moral Value by Steve Best

When Ingrid Newkirk says that "a rat is a dog is a boy," she is not collapsing all differences among them; rather, she is emphasizing that all equally are sentient mammals who share the capacities for pleasure and pain, for enjoyable and horrible lives.


10. INHERITING AN EMPIRE by Mumia Abu-Jamal

Now the U.S. freely interferes with nations across the globe. Through its intelligence services, its domination of the World Bank, and the military, it removes leaders, buys off other leaders, seduces critics abroad, and, using the media as it did on Iraq, wages unjust wars at will.


11. Mammon, The God Of Excess by Gaither Stewart

For modern men as for medieval men Mammon is the personification of the excessive love of money and wealth. By extension then Mammon is the god of excess. Mammon demands that its worshippers strive toward excess, that they exceed the eternal limits of the Greeks. America has obeyed the abominable god’s commandments.


12. Serial Killers by Vi Ransel

He babbled on

about her supple flesh

as Elise’s brown soft eyes

wept terror. And when

the kidnap van suddenly

stopped, he drove her

toward his leering partner,

waiting impatiently to begin

his diligent ministrations.

And then he hit her

- hard -

but not enough

to completely stun her.