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Stig -- Icons of Filth

Well known front man of the Punk Band "Icons Of Filth" died sadly in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Stig and his band Icons Of Filth have been very supportive of animal rights over the 20 years they have been around for playing music.

They have played countless benefits for AR and released many songs with inspiring lyrics that inspired a generation.

A condolence book has been set up at for people to sign if they wish.

He died wearing his Support The Animal Liberation Front t-shirt on. He was be missed throughout the world.

A message from Pete Rose (icons of filth guitarist)- At 3.10 a.m., Saturday October 23rd 2004 the vocalist for Icons of Filth, Andrew Sewell, better known as "Stig" passed away.

Icons of Filth were playing a gig in a squat in Hackney when Stig complained of feeling unwell and we cut our set short so that he could go outside to get some fresh air. Shortly afterwards he collapsed and died, according to the hospital most likely from a brain hemorrhage but possibly a heart attack.

He liked a drink as much as anyone but on this occasion had only drank 4 cans of lager.

He didn't touch illegal drugs of any sort but within 4 hours of his death rumours surfaced about a possible heroin overdose. These rumours are of course ridiculous and insulting to a man whose body was not yet cold.

What is the matter with some people? Anyway, when you're having a drink tonight, think of Stig and remember a man who lived life on his own terms but cared immensely about the world around him.

 Cheers, Pete.

The Animal Liberation movement would like to thank Andrew Sewell (aka Stig) who sadly passed away in October 2004. Stig was the vocalist for a anarcho-peace punk band from England called Icons of Filth. From the early 80's up until the time of his death he wrote songs condemning the injustices committed by humanity and he sang many songs protesting the killing of animals.

His lyrics and words came straight from the heart. Icons of Filth did many benefit shows for the animal liberation front, hunt sabs to many other organizations.

Thank you Stig for fighting so passionately and never giving up. You are truly going to be missed. We will continue to fight to make your dreams reality. We'll never give up until the last blade is snapped from the vivisectors lab!



I am the man in the white coat
Wherever there's pain you will find me
I record the data as cats choke
Then present to the government my findings
I tell them I'm nearly there
That I've nearly found it
Need another million pound grant to help me
I've discovered a new chemical in cat shit
Syringe it into dogs eyes to benefit humanity
After three months of the same medication I find
Ten were driven insane and the others went blind
Says Dr Dickhead the bollock brained scientist
"Wow, I've just discovered rabbit flesh rips
I'll inflict pain and torture & commit any crime
If there's a PHD at the end of the line
I'll be a murdering shithead and a licensed thug
Until I discover a new wonder drug
I deal in any futile atrocity
Blind to the fact it's all just curiosity
You know I'll never run out of patients to treat
For every thousand that die there's a thousand on the streets
Fifty brainless monkeys with fifty smashed skulls
Vivisected by yours truly until their senses are dulled
One brainless moron like me torturing habitually
With my mindless fucking probing which typifies humanity
Yes it was fucking sickening what happened to the Jews
Humans vivisected by Nazi pigs in queues
The age of the concentration camp never left us at all
The scalpels are still sharp and clean within these four walls
Killing a rat, murdering a cat
The torture of a Jew again
Doesn't matter who feels it
The pain is still the same
Taken from it's cage, consequences paid
The same fascist pain and torture but in another age


I'm over here in the cage
Take a real good look at my face
I smoked twenty fags today • The pain from the experiment has gone away....
But it'll be back soon & I hope I don't live through it
I hope I'll die
Breathe my last breath
A way out of a fate worse than death
My pain to ease yours
It's a raw deal my rights for your ignorance greed & vanity
But I forgot, curiosity rules
I mean nothing & you just couldn't care
But you don't bloody care & it just ain't fair that I've got screws in my head
Or if I wind up dead
Or if I look pathetic
Or if I'll get an anesthetic
Or if I meow or scream for your cosmetic cream
Or if they swap my heart
Or if I'm torn apart
They torment my brain again & again
Or if they swell up my eyes or increase my size
Or if I'm strapped & trapped to a table or chair
C'mon admit it you just don't care
If they rip me open & just start poking around
For a remedy to an illness which doesn't exist
Or if they start again for something they've missed
I must have rights & I want my share
But if only, if only you'd show us you care
You know I've rights & I want my share
But if only, if only you'd show us you care
'Cos you can't understand my voice
Somehow it always leaves me no choice
I can't expect you to voice my rights
When you don't even voice your own
Because of your ignorance I guess we'll always pay
We fellow beings just hope you'll realise on day
That we've got lots in common
One is that were both downtrodden by the people
Who've got big plans for this nation
You see they even test animals with chemical warfare
Weapons effects & riot control agents & radiation & whilst you're ignoring
There's a big bang coming
Maybe you owe it to yourselves to show us you care
So come on & free us
Free us..... I dare

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