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AR Song Lyrics -- compiled by Animal Rights Malta 

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Llora Britches.mp3 music   download .flv file here
Cries Britches Reaches 100,000 YouTube visits

Minions of Cruel Demise - Starlit - July 2018
Pick On Innocence - Starlit 2018
Never Yours - Starlit 2017
Sia's "Puppies are Forever" - Nov 2017
Paul Seymore - Do No Harm - Sept 2017
If You Must Shoot Animals Use a Camera - March 2017
Freedom by Starlit - Jan 2017
Batterix - Jan 2017
Chains of Silence - Braganza - Nov. 2016
When pigs fly (support kevin and tyler) - August 2016
The New Scum - Aug 2016
Cove of Ghosts - February 2016
Song - A Force of Nature by Jim Harris - November 2015
Song - Trophy Hunter by Nitroville - Sept 2015 - Aug 2015
Death metal guitarist, Jeremy Wagner, donates his farm to no-kill animal rescue
"Toro de la Vega" Tournament (Cruel tradition in Spain) - May 2015
Jamie-Lee Smit - March 2015
Rich Russom - Feb 2015
Nick Diener's Cover of "Free Me" - Jan 2015
"Betty" by Starlit - January 2015
Bryan Adams is "Against the Deliberate Killing of ALL Animals" - 11/14
The Way of Purity - 11/14
Vegan Rap Song - 11/14
Heart cancels SeaWorld show amid 'Blackfish' controversy - 12/13
   Heart's Ann Wilson: 'What Sea World Does is Slavery'
Almost Home (Best Friends Animal Society Lyric Video)
Almost Home - Moby - 12/13
Indigo Dreaming - 11/13
Set Me Free ("Artists against speciesism") - 8/13
Morrissey donates payout to Peta campaign against foie gras - 7/'13
Vegan Boss Website Launches - August 2013
Vegan Boss Releases 'Prison Sh*t' - August 2013
New Single 'EARN' Releases from VEGAN BOSS - August 2013
Single 'Changed' Releases from Vegan Boss - July 2013
Vegan Boss - June 2013
Guitar legend Slash adds voice to growing rock movement against bear bile use - May 2013
Carrie Underwood Gets in Heated Twitter Feud with Tennessee Lawmaker Over Passing of Ag Gag Bill - April 2013
Joan Jett Heating Up Aussie Animal Rights - April 2013
Crying Cows Convinced Carrie Underwood to Be a Vegetarian - 3/2013
Save Us from the Cull (Badger Song) - March 2013
Justin Timberlake Brings SNL on Down to Veganville - March 2013
Bob Pyle - messages in song for the animals, about the animals - 3/2013
Vegetarian rocker Morrissey: I won't be on talk show alongside animal killers - Feb 2013
Morrissey in Damient Hirst Rant
Tell a Friend - Gaiais Music - Feb 2013
I Feel Music, "Call the 911" & "Animal In Me" - 12/12
Fiona Apple cancels tour dates because her dog is dying - 11/12
Ashley Judd Speaks Out to Save Wolves - November 2012
IFEEL Music - September 2012
Move to the beat for animal rights - August 2012
Devo Tackles Politics and Animal Rights with New Song about Mitt Romney's Dog - August 2012
McCartney backs NZ cruelty-free campaign - July 2012
Din of Awakening - June 2012
Major Arcana video (What on earth is going on) dedicado al ALF - 5 / 12
New Music to Help Network for Animals - May 2012
Mary K. Lombardi - April 2012
Sarah McLachlan pens letter urging Harper to end seal hunt - 4/2012
The Way of Purity - April 2012
Bowerbirds - Tuck the Darkness In - April 2012
Starlit - Betty - March 2012
Got protest? Music mogul Simmons mad over milk - February 2012
No Resistance - February 2012
Brian May joins BUAV campaign to stop plans to breed beagles for experiments - January 2012
Pet, by Blake Scopino - January 2012
Moby - by FAOcast - 12/11
Sir Paul McCartney attacks French school over vegetarian ban - 12/11
Music and the Animal Liberation Movement - November 2011
Pass The Blues Still Number One - August 2011
The Haymarket Squares - July 2011
Songs - Requiem, No Escape, Red - 7/11
labtekwon-now cipher - 7/11
The Politics of Meat - 7/11
Tres Hanley - 4/1/11
Pink's Plea to President Obama - 4/1/11
Jamie Glaser - Lucky's Wonder of Chinchillas - 3/11
Joan Jett- 2/11
The Dairy State Rebel - 2/11
Carrie Underwood Defends Vegans - 1/11
Brian May & Bill Oddie support end to cruel monkey trade - 12/10
Rocker Iggy Pop joins the debate about U of M medical students training on live animals - Nov 2010
Pop song raps for making milk a HOT ISSUE - Nov 2010
Paul Seymour - Everyday People
Circus of Dead Squirrels
Propagandhi Interview 2010
End of Silence
Paul Nahay - Let the Animals Live
Ashley Collins
Truth on Earth - the band
AR Themed Ballet, "Expose'"
Earth Crisis: Arson Case Creates Villain and Victim in the Media
Chicago Is Burning - Fall Into the Sun
Artytou - Why - with video
My Boots Aint Made of Leather - Paul Seymour
   Paul Seymore - Aug 2010
Andi Hayes - Hidden Crimes
Bojan Jambrosic in a campaign against animal experiments
Maxime Ginolin
Sheryl Crow - Wild Horses
Paul Seymour's Vege Tutorial on YouTube
Motorhead Mikkey's animal passion
Louise - Anti-Vivisection Song
Shelter - Civilized Man Lyrics
Sweet Misery ; Sweet Misery -2
Song Against the Rodeo
Leona Lewis Rescues Bunny
Rise Against
Heather Mills Buys Leading Vegan Food Supplier
      Heather's Cafe Hove Has Proved a Hit
Avril Lavigne 4 Animals
Vegan Warriors
Aussie Vegan Rockers (.pdf file)
C&W/Bluegrass legend Tom T Hall is a life long vegetarian.
Donna Roitstein - Songs for the Animals
Wildlife group, Ashley Judd take aim at Gov. Palin - February 2009
Reinhard Mey - Erbarme Dich (German)
Goldfinger - The Spokesman
Goldfinger - Open Your Eyes
Goldfinger - Free Kevin Kjonaas; softer: Free Kevin Kjonaas
Farmer - Sijavais
Universal Pop Lab - Vampire In You
Guitarist Ira Black on Hunger Strike in Jail - January 2009
Gary Martin at the Peace Abbey - 3 songs for Emily the cow
S.S.S.P - Fur Is for Fucks
GaiaisI - music video assault on the fast food industry
Kellie Pickler Vegetarian Thanks To The Power Of Blonds

    download here as .flv file, download here as .mp4 file

Leona Lewis turns down 1,000,000 pounds to open the Harrods sale in anti-fur protest - October 2008
Christina Louise - Vegan, Australian, great AR songs
Don't Kill the Animals (Lene Lovich and Nina Hagen)
Sick of Society - lead singer is vegan
Saul Williams Makes an Argument for Going Vegan
http://www.myspace. com/veganhiphop
song - human rights/animal liberation (several languages)
El Rock del Torero - Lyvon
Kim Powers - ARA in hands of cancer research
Borstal and Friends - June 2008
Matchbox 20 - April 2008
Superbrands - The Hand Strikes Hard - March 08
Moby - Disco Lies - March 08
Paul McCartney - March 08
Cat Music Video:
Earth Crisis - on tour, 2008
Lyvon faces legal attack - Jan 08
    Carta abierta al mataperros Juan Lado - April 2008
Madison Park - Dec 07
McCartney - call to change eating habits for our future - Dec 07
Shadows Fall -- Vocalist Brian Fair - Dec 07
Flip Grater
Capt Lance Morrison - Pasture Prime
Chrissie Hynde Sings at Ohio Benefit - September 2007
Rock Bands for AR - India
George Sequoia - Songs for animals
Kent Crawford - Justice for Me
Llora Britches - video with music by Lyvon (Spanish)
Hit the Switch
Fall Out Boy's vegan drummer Andy Hurley
Megadeth song: "Countdown to Extinction"
Shelter - song by Julie Chadwick
Kim Powers - song "Monkey Bizzness" for the ALF
Song: "Please Don't Eat Friends:
I Don't Eat Animals - by Melanie, 1970
History of Fur Coats -song
Astrella Celeste - joins anti-fur campaign
Emmylou Harris Develops Pet Adoption Program
New Eden Records - 100% Vegan
C.S. Spence on Animal Liberation - YouTube Interview
Why? - Artytou - man's attack on all things natural.
Fight - by Shawn
Pink's Attack - on the Australian wool industry
J. Feldman - Interview
Interview with Goldfinger
Interview with Bryan Adams
Interview with Chrissie Hyndes
Interview with Rikki Rockett
Ocean -- interview on and on
Crass - pioneers in music for many of today's hot issues
Skinned Alive - Anti-fur Coalition
Meat Is Murder - two videos
Ellipsis - a psycho metal band in France with a song against vivisection
Cattle Decapitation - band focuses on politics instead of parties
Propagandhi -- Performing "Purina Hall Of Fame"
Razorlight - asks people to go vegetarian and sign a petition
MatronsApron -- Music video for vegetarian pop anthem This Pig
Rise Against -- music video: "Ready to Fall"
Another Day -- Words and music by Cheryl Hill
Pink Writes Queen -- May 2006. Pink Writes to British Queen Over Fur Hats.
Heather Mills -- Sept 13, 2005. Heather Mills thrown out of New York store over protest.
    Heather and PETA -- April 2006 PETA ad against fur.
    Saint Heather -- Heather becomes Vegan.
    Mills Fur -- Oct 2 Protest.
Paul McCartney -- McCartney: Behind the legend.
     Macca Anti-Viv -- Paul begins anti-vivisection campaign.
     McCartney Seals -- March 2006. McCartney's to Witness Seals Prior to Slaughter.
     McCartney-Harpseals -- Up close with the Harp Seals.
Earth Crisis has had 7 albums, and almost all their songs deal with human rights, environmental problems, or animal liberation.
Conflict -- Past Lyrics
Conflict - Meat Means Murder
Conflict - This Is The ALF- video

Free Me -- General animal rights presentation, music by Goldfinger
Behind the Mask - homemade slideshow to song

click photo to go to Goldfinger's cool home page

Susan Boyle - off topic
Bob Pyle -- Folksinger.
Spikey John -- "Animals".
A Set -- My Skinless Eyes -- mp3.
Starlit -- Vegan band, great music to download.
Maria Daines -- New Songs, Lyrics, and inspiration for all.
Jean Luc Dancy -- Songwriter with passion for protecting animals.
Cherem -- Vegan Straight-edge Heavy Metal Band.
Linda Gentille (The Piano Princess) has inspired many online animal rights advocates.
Liona Boyd -- vegan and classical guitarist
Vegan Uprise -- Hear the song "Bomb Your Local KFC".
Ignorants? -- Hear the song "ALF".
Madonna -- Nov. 2005. Madonna gives up hunting after seeing bird die.
Stars Come Out -- Musicians supporting PETA.
Nellie McKay -- March, 2005. Receives Genesis award.
    McKay Boycott -- April 2006. Nellie McKay joins musicians boycott of Canada due to seal hunting.
    Nellie McKay interview -- Dec 2005    Nellie McKay 2006.
Moby -- on 16 years of being vegan.
Undercover Slut -- Their new album "Communism Is Fascism" (released on 12/24/2004) contains one minute of silence entitled "Sixty Silent Seconds To Repent For Your Animal GENOCIDE".
G Slick -- Gracie Slick donates money to PETA.
Judas Priest -- Heavy metal band with a heart.
Chrissie Hynde -- A compassionate voice for animals.
Icons of Filth -- Stig, of the Icons of Filth, was a supporter of Animal Rights.
Linda G. -- Piano Princess, We Can Make a Difference and other animal rights songs.
Skinny Puppy -- Testure, and other animal rights songs.
Saint Clay -- Resolved CD. Has images of euthanized animals.
Subculture -- "Captured from the Wilderness" and other compassionate songs.
Basted In Blood -- Sarah Mclachlan
Something in the Way -- Kurt Cobain
The Smiths -- Before the band Consolidated drummed out the "Veggie Beat Manifesto"; before Sarah McLachlan sang of 20 million turkeys "Basted in Blood"; before Kurt Cobain and Nirvana lamented about trapped animals ("Something in the Way"), there were The Smiths.
Christina Aguilera -- May, 2005. Christina Aguilera funds pet project: donating microchip scanners to police.
Jungle Records -- CD "This is the Animal Liberation Front".
Benefit CD -- Vegamp produced a CD about the tremendous cruelty inflicted upon animals in our society.
At Cost -- At the cost of an animal. Song by Drop Dead.
Something 4 Kate -- Works with PETA.
Velvet Acid Christ -- link to their website. Songs "Profit Produced Pain" "Eco terror"
Bill Madden -- Animal/environmental activist, vegan, and a peaceful and outspoken artist. His latest CD is Gone.
Hurricane Website 3 -- Song about Katrina (not directly related to AR).
Weezer (flv); Weezer (mp4)
The Peatbog Fairies, one of Scotland's great Celtic rock bands, has a track on their CD, Croftwork, called Veganites.

There is a band called Midtown who are avid animal rights supporters. I interviewed one of them recently, and they deserve kudos for coming out as hard as they do against any celebrity who condones animal cruelty, a la T** N*****. Their website is . None of the band members wear leather and one is totally vegan. You really should give them a look- they toured on the Warped tour and passed out literature from PETA to hordes of nu-metalheads.
    Kitty Dagnall

Rudi Protrudi, lead singer of the Fuzztones, a rock band located in the LA, CA area is a b animal rights supporter.


Aleka'a Attic (with River Phoenix, who died in 1993); PETA's second animal rights album
The B-52s; PETA's second animal rights album
Richard Butler; Psychedelic Furs, Britain
Belinda Carlisle; PETA's second animal rights album
Exene Cervenka; PETA's second animal rights album
Erasure; PETA's second animal rights album
Fetchin Bones; PETA's second animal rights album
Michael Franks, singer
Karen Goldberg
The Goosebumps; PETA's second animal rights album
Sara Hickman; Texas
Chrissie Hynde, singer, The Pretenders; PETA's second animal rights album. "Lips that have touched a corpse won't touch mine."
Indigo girls with Michael Stipe; PETA's second animal rights album
Howard Jones; PETA's second animal rights album
k.d. lang; singer, PETA's second animal rights album. "I grew up in cattle country--that's why I became a vegetarian. Meat stinks, for the animals, the environment, and your health."
Libra Max
Paul, the late Linda, Stella McCartney; Wings; Stella, clothes designer, "I continue to be shocked by the methods used to obtain real fur."
Natalie Merchant; 10,000 Maniacs -- cried when her date ordered lamb. "I just couldn't believe I was involved with someone who could eat lamb."
Nina Hagen & Lene Lovich video; "Don't Kill The Animals" PETA's second animal rights album
Ric Ocasek; The Cars
Phranc L.A.
Prince; "We need an Animal Rights Day when all slaughterhouses shut down. Compassion is an action word with no boundaries." The Artist, c/o Paisley Park Ent., 7801 Audubon Rd., Chanhassen, MN 55317.
Raw Youth; PETA's second animal rights album
The Smiths; rock group
The Sugarcubes; Iceland band
El Vez; The Mexican Elvis
Jane Wiedlin; PETA's second animal rights album

Vegetarians and Vegans

Damon Albarn (lead singer of Blur)
Bryan Adams
Rick Allen (Def Leppard)
Jon Anderson (singer with Yes)
Joan Baez (folk singer)
Jeff Beck
The Beloved
Michael Bolton
Peter Buck (REM guitarist)
Vivian Campbell (Def Leppard)
Dave Davies (Kinks)
Michael Diamond (Beastie Boys drummer/singer)
Bob Dylan
Peter Gabriel
Dave Goodman (original producer of Sex Pistols) (vegan)
Eddie Grant
Kirk Hammett (guitarist with metallica)
George Harrison (musician, Beatles/solo)
Polly Jean Harvey
Susannah Hoffs (ex Bangles)
Billy Idol
James (the band, all vegan apparently)
Janet Jackson
LaToya Jackson
Wendy James (Transvision Vamp)
Jim Kerr (Singer, Simple Minds)
Martin & Gary Kemp (Spandau Ballet)
Nik Kershaw
Lenny Kravitz
Annie Lennox
Living Colour
Johnny Marr
Don McLean (singer, songwriter)
Moby (vegan)
Morrissey (singer, also The Smiths)
Larry Mullen Junior (drummer and founder of 'U2' band)
Olivia Newton John
Chris Novoselic (Nirvana)
Jason Orange, Mark Owen, Gary Barlow (Take That)
Sinead O'Connor (vegan)
Ozzy Osborne
Rage against the machine (3 of 4 members)
Rebel MC
Tom Scholz (Mastermind behind the rock-n-roll band Boston) (vegan)
Captain Sensible
The Shamen
Siouxsie Sioux
Robert Smith (The Cure)
Jimmy Somerville
Ringo Starr (and his wife, Barbara Bach)
Geoff Tate (Vocalist for Queensryche) (vegan)
Tanita Tikaram
Farin Urlaub (singer of the German band "Die ?zte")
Steve Vai
Eddie Vedder (lead vocalist with Pearl Jam)
"Weird" Al Yankovic (vegan)
Yazz (vegan)
Dweezel Zappa


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