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Shocking Your Pants Off
Interview with ‘O’
lead singer of Undercover Slut
By Thomas S. Orwat, Jr.
Jan 23, 2005

Well boys and girls, we finally found the most controversial band on the face of the earth. Undercover Slut, the goth/glam/industrial/metal band from France (no, we are not kidding), is tearing up stages all across Europe. With the release of their new critically acclaimed fifteen song CD ‘Communism is Fascism,’ Undercover Slut is well on their way to world domination and demolition. Get ready America, you are next. With songs such as “Mental or Menstrual” and “Ecstasia in our Enema” the band has no moral restraints. No topic is off limits, no matter how taboo.

What follows is another exclusive interview with ‘O’ the leader of the band on the brink of stardom –Undercover Slut. And if you are easily offended do not go any further. This interview is offensive, controversial, sexually explicit and is down right blasphemous.

Congrats on your new CD "Communism Is Fascism." I hear that it's doing extremely well over in Europe...

Fuck yeah! It just came out the day before the most famous urban legend ever : Mr. Christ's birthdate. We are now 2nd biggest metal sale over here! 3000 copies sold in 3 weeks, just in France alone. All of those individuals cannot be wrong! Rest of the world distribution will follow... UCS worldwide masterplan on its way... Critics have been so fuckin' positive... I do want more hate mail though! We're not in this business to make friends at the first place... so keep on sending hate, share it with us...  ucs-dvd02

Do you plan on going on a major tour to support it?

We do. Nothing's signed yet, so options are still open...

Is your new CD "Communism Is Fascism" available in America, if not how can one obtain one?

We're working on an U.S. of A. distribution deal now. In the meantime, everyone can order it directly from our label's website at and slutty girls can always suck 96's white skin penis for a complimentary UNDERCOVER SLUT CD too...

Slutty girls can also buy it from the website too. Now you have toured America a few times already, what was that experience like
UNDERCOVER SLUT loves black & white Amerikkka and black & white Amerikkka loves UNDERCOVER SLUT.

Do you have plans to tour again in America in the near future?

We're actually dying to. It will happen later on this year...

Does the band have any pre-show rituals?

Secret societies' rituals better not be revealed...

How do American groupies compare to the European ones?

A whore is a whore. Like cockroaches, whores ain't got no rules no matter where they're from...

What's the most shocking thing that you have seen backstage?
In my book, nothing's shocking backstage.

Rumor has it that you guys are going to make a porno. What will make your porno better than any other?

I love rumors, I definitely do. The best one so far is that we became filthy rich from money raised by the KKK to support UNDERCOVER SLUT! Don't you love that one? Regarding that porno flick one, let's say we're from the city of love, are famous for voluptuous french kissing, but turned that city onto hate and became masters of snuff movies involving violent fist-fucking... Definitely a future best-seller... Would you distribute it?
Hell yeah, it sounds like a good love story. If you wrote a book about your life, what would be the most shocking and disturbing thing in it?
That book would never find a publisher anyways...

Besides UNDERCOVER SLUT, who is the best band in the world today and why?

None, that's why we exist.

What is the music scene like in France?

As good as France is famous for losing wars within 15 minutes...

What do you really think of America and George W.?

I love the way non-american people either adore or despise Amerikkka. They either love you or hate you. Envy or jealousy or both... But at the end of the day, they wish they were you. Regarding the fact that Amerikkka was mainly built by euro-pariahs that no-one wanted to deal with back in the days, you guys took probably the greatest revenge on "human" stupidity in history by creating the United States of Amerikkka. I love Amerikkka for that reason. I love the way those euro-losers are so fuckin' jealous of you too... Mainstream ideas/ideals are always the wrong ones...

Talking of George W. He is doing what he has to do. I do not have any right to judge him whatsoever. I fuckin' hate those euro-masses losers for judging him... Actually, there is so many people hating him that I do have a soft spot for him... Society is like music industry nowadays, it lacks villains... Respect GWB for getting so much hate... and please respect me for hating so many individuals...

The truth is, this is 2005 and what's going on right now is a modern-day religion war with alot of money involved. Jews against muslims/muslims against jews. Circumcised penises against other circumcised penises. White Amerikkka is backing up Isra-Hell... Primitive Muslims willing to auto-suicide and slay white Amerikkka for supporting greedy jews. Those are facts. I have a Catholic background and I became agnostic by choice. All organized religions are making me sick and violent because religion leads people to violence. Religion + money = earth's worst nightmares & diseases. Black death, AIDS or cancer are nothing compared to organized religions. Proselytism is a fuckin' crime. Proselytism is fascism by the way. Spiritual beliefs should be inside of you, not shown outside just like another fuckin' rock tee-shirt...

Let me follow up that by asking what is the writing process like in UNDERCOVER SLUT?ucs_O03
The only rule is there is "no rules", so it's quite chaotic, unorganized, stressful, painful, blah blah blah... the whole usual fuckin' drama that is UCS.

Is there any topic that would be too disturbing for you to write about?

Only a few things about me that I am absolutely not able to express at this point of my life.

What do you feel is the greatest injustice in the world?

If god really exists, and created everything, and is not an urban legend from a really bad science-fiction book called "the holy bible", I wanna know why is it so fuckin' okay to constantly genocide the "animal" Kingdom, kind of the same way euro-jews were treated by nazi-Germany something like 50 years ago?

What do you plan on doing with all the millions of dollars that you make after you guys hit it big?

Support Animal Liberation Front

Parting words for all your new fans?



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